We chose to do only what we are the best at

Our goal is to grow together with our clients working with enthusiasm and inspiration

Our firm is the result of the common professional approach and of the friendship between Matteo Ghisalberti and Marco De Rossi. The common view on working methods, combined with the long experience as partners in highly structured law firms made it possible to define consciously the distinctive aspects of our firm.

The work of these years resulted in a selected and well-balanced team of professionals who offer assistance and advice to companies, banks and multinational corporations. The firm is located in Rome with clients all over the Country, due to the significant competitive advantage that we constantly aim at guaranteeing.


We see things from the client’s perspective

The first thing we do when a client contacts our firm is to analyse the context and the peculiarities of the situation. By carefully listening to the client, we share the distinctive features of his activities and understand his approach and method of operating. These elements allow us to draw a proper assistance and to identify the most appropriate solution.

We work in strong connection with the structure we support

By doing so, we build a deep connection between our work and the organization we are advising, even when – due to our role - we are forced to take critical positions to safeguard of the client’s interests.