We have a twenty-year experience in asset management: we know how to handle its complexity

Ever since the opening of our firm we have been dealing with finance, thus acquiring an in-depth experience in advisory and contracts, as well as in litigations by giving assistance to banks, financial intermediaries – in their relationships with clients – and to savers.

Our clients

  • Banks 
  • Financial Intermediaries
  • Small savers

Connected practices

  • Civil Law
  • Corporate Law


We provide advisory services to banks and local financial intermediaries. We range from daily banking to the analysis of more complex issues related to the granting and maintenance of credit facilities and financial activities. Our services also include advisory on all the activities subject to administrative supervision, where we interact directly with the competent supervisory Authorities on behalf of our Client.



For more than twenty years, we have been dealing with bank disputes. We faced all the main issues arising and influencing the relationships between the banking system and the customers. We have an analytic knowledge of the deriving legal issues, as well as of the principles that govern the decisions of the bank and of the saver.